Our Environmental Policy

Nordstrom Timber recognise that we have a responsibility to: the environment, our customers, our suppliers and our staff to base our commercial activities on well-managed and sustainable forests.


We are committed to purchasing timber from suppliers who comply with these schemes and are currently working towards Chain of Custody (CoC) certification. We strive to ensure that all materials meet government and C.P.E.T. (Central Point of Expertise in Timber) policy and guidelines on sustainable forest management practices that are obtained from legal and sustainable forest sources.

Sourcing timber from certifiable forests through to recycling at every possible stage in the production process we are committed to reducing our carbon foot print.

“After all Timber is our only truly renewable main stream natural resource.”

Thanks to our new wood burner we are now able to be even more self-sufficient in our efforts to reduce waste. Now not only does 90% of our waste not go to landfills but the burner also powers our entire facility.